Programming Services

NetNix provides programming services mainly with Python language for our customer projects.

We use Postgresql flavor of RDBMS-database engines. As part of our projects, we developed a Postgresql ORM for Python (Object Relational Mapper) that is very pythonic way of using databases and improves productivity significantly. That has given us opportunity to focus on productivity at higher levels.

Network processes, XML-formats and -messaging, Rest/SOAP-communications and encryption to name few, are technologies that we use continously when implementing in-house and cross-organization solutions.

Also traditional platform tied languages as part of UNIX-/Linux skill set required are part of our services.

Example Projects

We have done following implementations (involved technologies):

  • e-Invoicing (RDBMS, ORM, XML, SOAP)
  • Ordering and delivery b2b-integration (RDBMS, ORM, XML)
  • Bank integration (ISO20022, RDBMS, ORM, XML, REST)
  • IPS, intrusion prevention system (IP-sockets, XML, Netfilter)
  • Sales and CRM (RDBMS, ORM, XML, PDF, Web)
  • Different VoIP-solutions (XML, IP-sockets)
  • Service PKI-authentication (X.509, HTTPS, Apache)
and many others.